Course description

Our IELTS preparation courses aim to prepare you fully for the Academic module of the exam. During each course you will be given tips on how to improve your exam score, work on the four language skills - reading, writing, speaking and listening - necessary for the exam and practice using past papers.

The IELTS preparation will provide you with comprehensive study materials and guidance from our experienced teachers.

Course key facts:


Upper Intermediate(B2) - Proficiency(C2)

Next IELTS preparation courses in Varna

WINTER TERM 2017: Start 8 January 2017- preparation for the exam on 8 April 2017*;

SPRING TERM 2017: Start 9 April 2017 - preparation for the exam on 15 July 2017;

SUMMER TERM 2017: INTENSIVE COURSES Start 10 July 2017 - preparation for the exam on 21 September 2017;

AUTUMN TERM 2017: Start 19 September 2016 - preparation for the exam on 9 December 2017*

*The exams on 8 April and 9 December 2017 are only for candidates registered for IELTS at English Academy Varna

Course duration

Autumn, Winter and Spring terms: 12 weeks

Summer term: 8 weeks


Autumn, Winter and Spring terms: 4 hours per week, 60 minutes each

Summer term: 6 hours per week, 60 minutes each

Average class size

8 students

Maximum class size

12 students

Exam fee

385.00 leva - 2017

How to register for IELTS:

You can register for the IELTS exam at English Academy. Please bring with you your ID card/passport and a proof of a bank transfer. If you are unable to come you can send a person with your notarised written agreement and with a copy of your ID card/passport to register you.

Fees must be paid by bank transfer to British Council bank account:
CITIBANK, 2 Maria Luiza Blvd., Sofia
IBAN Leva account: - BG77 CITI 9250 1051 0015 01

Course aims:

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Be able to read and listen more effectively;
  • Write more accurately;
  • Speak more fluently and accurately;
  • Increase your vocabulary range in written and spoken English;
  • Understand how you will be assessed;
  • Gain necessary academic skills for success in a university;

What to expect from the course:

  • Prepare for the exam and achieve your best possible mark;
  • Build confidence in using English in real-life situations;
  • Improve your General English by increasing your confidence and ability to use the language more effectively;
  • Practise IELTS listening tasks under timed conditions
  • View sample videos of speaking tests, highlighting good and less good practice
  • Develop vocabulary and techniques for writing tasks
  • Work on authentic texts for the reading test as in the real exam
  • Develop vocabulary in topic areas commonly used in the IELTS exam
  • Get advice about western universities
  • Learn how to write a cover letter for university applications.