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Young learners start dates and teachers

thursday 07 january 2016 at 14h31

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Dear parents, our Winter term starts soon.

On 10 January (Sunday)  we have the first young learner groups starting:

Preparatory Group B (with Mark)  11.00-13.00

Starter B (with May)  09.00-11.00

L1 Backpack (with May)  11.15-13.15

L2 Yazoo (with May)  14.30-17.30

Level 4 Backpack (with Shirley)  09.00-13.00

Level 3 Challenges 3b (with Shirley)  13.30-17.30

Level 4 Challenges 4b (with Karl)  13.30-17.30

Advanced YL (with Karl)  09.00-13.00

Groups starting on 16 January (Saturday):

Starter A (with James)  15.15-17.15

L1 Yazoo B (with James)  13.00-15:00

L2 Backpack (with James)  09:00-12:00

L3 Yazoo (with Luna)  13.30-16.30

Level 4 Yazoo group 1 (with May)  13.30-17.30

Level 4 Yazoo group 2 (with May)  09.00-13.00

Level 5 Backpack (with Luna)  09.00-13.00

Groups starting on 17 January (Sunday):

Starter B (with Suzi)  13.15-15.15

L1 Yazoo A (with Suzi)  15.30-17.30

L3 Backpack (with Suzi)  09.30-12.30

L3 Backpack (with Alan)  09.30-12.30

Level 2 Challenges 2b (with Alan)  13.30-17.30

If your child hasn`t registered yet, you can do so by 9 January (Saturday).

We wish you a wonderful year full of success:)