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thursday 06 june 2013 at 12h55

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English Academy is pleased to announce the finalists for the scholarship award 2013-2014.

Announcement from our director Mark McTaggart

I want to thank all students who took part in the award this year and for taking the time to write about why English is important to you. We had over 120 applicants and making a shortlist was a very hard decision. I shortlisted 20 of the best essays and along with the teachers, the best 7 in each age group have been chosen to take part in a final to select the winners. The finalists in each group are:

10-15 year olds
Alexander Stoykov – 10 years old
Gabrina Stoycheva – 13
Kristiyana Angelova – 15
Nora Ruslanova Hristova – 14
Tamira Tahtakesen – 12
Emanuil Dimitrov Martinov – 10
Bella Nikolaeva Dimitrova – 12

16-25 year olds
Ivelin Atanasov Ivanov – 17
Sonya Biserova Nikolova – 23
Doroteya Dragomirova Ivanova – 17
Katerina Deyanova Tsenova – 18
Mariya Abdollah Rostamloo – 16
Olesya Ivanova – 25
Gloriya Gocheva – 17

In order to select the winners, each student will be invited to present their essay in person. The winners will be chosen by a jury of the finalists from the other age group. This format was decided in to ensure fairness and transparency in the awarding of the prizes.

The best essays in each age group will receive a full academic year scholarship at English Academy and second place winners will receive a 3 month course in one of our groups. All other runners up will receive discount vouchers for courses at English Academy.

Thanks you once again for everyones participation in the scholarship award and I look forward to meeting the finalists in our academy on 16th June at 6pm.
Mark McTaggart
Director, English Academy Varna