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Scholarship Аward 2012 Winners

wednesday 22 august 2012 at 14h47

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Thank you for everyone who took part in our scholarship award this year. The standard of essays was at a very high level and it was extremely difficult to select the winners. The shortlist of 10 were selected by our Director, Mark McTaggart and the top 2 in each group will be selected through discussions with teachers at English Academy Varna.

The finalists for 2012 are as follows:


10-15 year olds

16-25 year olds

Valentin Dobrev, 11 years old

Martin Vasev, 17 years old

Iva Ivanova, 12 years old

Temenuga Peeva, 18 years old

Karina Ruseva, 12 years old

Martina Ivanova, 18 years old

Martin Chikov, 13 years old

Gergana Georgieva, 21 years old

Yoana Kirova, 14 years old

Tatyana Stoyanova, 22 years old


The finalists will be invited to receive their awards on Saturday 1 September at 4pm before English Academy’s football tournament in Varna.  There will be 2 winners of a full year scholarship, 2 free courses at English Academy and 6 runner up prizes of 60 leva Longman book vouchers.


Once again, thank you all for taking part in the competition and congratulations to the finalists.