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wednesday 22 may 2019 at 14h42

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Dear parents, over the next weeks we are organising individual parent meetings and you will be able to personally meet the teacher of your child and discuss your child'sprogress.
Meetings will be held in the following days and hours:

Bruce Cassels 6 June, Thursday 16:00-17:00
Henry Uhrik 5 June, Wednesday 15:00-16:30
Jaron Smith 1 June, Saturday before lessons
Karl Wadsworth 1 June, Saturday from 1pm
Luna Hayton 4 June, Tuesday 16:00-17:00
Malcolm Lowe 5 June, Wednesday 15:00-16:30
Mike McRae 6 June, Thursday 14:30-16:00
Miles Kearton 4 June, Tuesday 10:30-12:00
Rachel Kearton 4 June, Tuesday 10:30-13:00
Shirley Wadsworth 2 June, Sunday from 4.30pm

Please contact reception personally or by telephone (052/622351) to confirm your attendance and to book a time for a meeting with the teacher.

Meetings will be held at selected times that day.

Please let us know if translation from English is needed